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How to Design Web Sites for Internet Marketing (part 3)

3. Hosting

So where does your website live? How do your customers find your website? Well… they ask for directions, even the guys. You may not realize that you are asking for directions but when you enter a domain name into a browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox) that browser asks one of the largest and most active database systems in use, the Domain Name Server system, for directions.

Internet Hosting with TreadStar CommunicationsThe Domain Name Server system translates domain names into numerical identifiers known as IP addresses. Every device (computers, telephones, etc.) connected to the Internet, requires an IP address and many such devices answer to multiple IP addresses.

Take for example, easy to read and to remember but not very efficient for networking. When you enter into your browser, the Domain Name Server system searches for the IP address where resides and directs your browser to the device or computer associated with that IP address.

Once your browser arrives at the host computer or server, the server software directs you to the domain name ( that you requested. All in the blink of an eye.

So how do you find a home for your website? The first place to look is with the company that develops your website. A full service web development company should be able to provide that service for you on their own servers as we do at TreadStar Communications and Marketing. Some web designers simply design your website and then suggest that you host it with a third party company. The problem with this arrangement is that you have to be concerned with who takes responsibility in the event of a problem. At TreadStar Communications, our full service program means that we take full responsibility. We do not want to have to depend on third party companies any more than is necessary.

Many web hosting companies boast of a gillion gigabits of storage space, twice as much bandwidth, and 14,972 email accounts… all for the low price of $9.95 per month. Yes they will provide you with all of that storage space… if you can use it. In reality, most websites consume a tiny fraction of what these companies offer. Their ads sound fantastic and if you can get a gillion gigabits for $9.95, certainly that’s a better value than half a gillion gigabits at $7.95. The truth is that you will probably never use even 100 gigabits.

At TreadStar Communications and Marketing, our hosting programs are simple. You get access to the storage space, bandwidth, and email accounts that you need. Our hosting fee includes monthly maintenance of your website – including updates to many of the programs and scripts that work together to run your website. Our goal is to make your life simpler so that you can concentrate on running your business.

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