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How to Design Web Sites for Internet Marketing (part 1)


1. Purpose

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” – Peter Drucker, 1909-2005

Purpose of a Web Site is to get a Customer

In the beginning, websites were built to establish a “presence.” The technology was new and most of us didn’t have any idea of how it was going to affect our business. Those who climbed on early did so for a variety of reasons and often with the hope that doing so would somehow increase their sales and thus their profitability.

Unfortunately for most that didn’t happen. “presence” websites are nothing more than glorified business cards. If I happen to remember that you gave me a business card, and I can remember where I put it, I might call you, and maybe do business with you. The same holds true of your business website if all you have built is a “presence” website.

If your organization’s purpose is to provide a source of information and you don’t really care if the public finds that information or not, a “presence” website might be for you.

On the other hand if you want to “create a customer” You need to re-think your website. The power of the Internet for business purposes is phenomenal. When I started TreadStar Communications in 1998, I made a prediction that the Internet would be the “industrial revolution” of the 21st century. I believed then and I still believe today that history will look back on this as a time when the average man, a man without money, prospects, or possessions, could make his fortune. You need to look no further than eBay to see that that has already happened. College students have created huge corporations that started in their dorm rooms. Corporations that heretofore would have required tremendous capital, experience, and connections; are popping up everywhere.

“The purpose of a website is to create a customer. “ Roy Chilson

Before you begin to build your website you must articulate the purpose of your website and it should be in line with the purpose of your business.

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